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If you are a student interested in participating in a semester abroad in an engineering or architecture program in a member University of the Network, please contact the Internationalization Office in your university to receive additional information.

Find below what other students have said about their academic adventure abroad!


Tomás Emilio Murphy

Host University: Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa

"I really appreciate having been able to make an exchange and especially at IST. I was able to study subjects related to my field of studies with a different approach from the one given at my home university while at the same time I was able to learn about the lifestyle in Portugal. What I value the most, is the new people I met along the way. I hope to return sometime and I highly recommend the experience."

María Benítez Casucci

Host University: Politecnico di Torino

"It was an incredible experience, unbeatable, that shaped my personality both on a human and professional level."


Veronica Kocourek

Host University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

"The best semester ever! I had the opportunity to meet people from many parts of the world, to see how the education in Europe is like and to experience the lifestyle of such a cosmopolitan city as Madrid. I was able to travel within Spain and other European countries. I was always surrounded by friends and therefore was able to experience new adventures, definitely very different from the routine of Buenos Aires. "

Alexander Slivinskiy

Host University: Technical University of Munich (TUM)

"The buddies program was very good, the teachers helped the exchange students a lot and I loved it."


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